Greetings to the Subtraction page of cuizus. is a free math worksheet generator platform, created for the math teachers, math students and parents. Everytime you click on the Generate or View or Print button, auto tool will create a new worksheet as per your request. It is easy to download, print and practice. In the Subtraction Math Worksheet page, you can choose one, two, three or four digit minuend and subtrahend based on your grade requirement for your student. has been developed to suit the need for your classroom and for homeschoolers. You can search your math topic in the top search bar and can also find math worksheets gardewise. Example; “Subtraction” “Two Digit Subtraction”, “Grade 1 Subtraction” and so on.These subtraction worksheets are helpful for children who are in Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, and 5th Grade. Subtraction is a process of taking one number or amount away, which is called minuend from another smaller number called subtrahend. The result come from the minuend and subtrahend is called the difference (answer). Hope you enjoy learning maths. Good wishes from Cuizus!

Subtraction Worksheets

Subtract 10 from 3 digit

Subtract 10 from the number range between 100 to 999. Example; 439 - 10 = 429 Answer.

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Grade 1 Grade 2

Subtraction of 2 Digit

Subtraction between the number range from 0 to 99. Examples; 90 - 30 = 60 Answer.

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Grade 1 Ks 1 Year 2

Subtraction within 10

Subtraction within the number range from 0 - 9. Examples; 9 -5 = 4 Answer.

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Subtraction within 20

Practice subtraction between the number of 0 to 20. Example ; 19 -13 = 16 Answer.

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Subtraction within 50

Practice subtraction within the number range of 0 - 50. Example ; 45 - 20 = 25 Answer.

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Subtraction 10 from 2 digit

Practice subtraction of 10 from a 2 digit number. The two digit number (minuend) will be between 10 to 99. Example; 67 - 10 = 57 Answer.

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Subtraction within 1000

Practice Subtraction of 3 digit in both minuend and subtrahend. Example ; 700 - 320 = 380 Answer.

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Grade 2 Grade 3